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Martin Wilson

Aug 03, 2022

Your journey through the sidewalks of Chicago or New York will proceed without a hitch with this information accompanying you. It is a bag designed to withstand discomfort, scuffs, and even sharp things, and you can be certain that it will shrug off practically any external force that seeks to assault your MacBook as you go about your daily activities. It is no surprise that these items come with a guarantee of one hundred years.

What's on the inside of the bag is a different story. Other Saddleback bags, like the Slim Laptop Briefcase, come with a handy sleeve that can classify a regular MacBook (but not many larger laptops). Still, the Thin Front Pocket Backpack merely has the main, yawning 16-inch cavity.

Saddleback bags for MacBook

Other Saddleback bags, like the Slim Laptop Briefcase, come with a handy sleeve that can classify a regular MacBook. Everything contained inside utilizes the same amount of space. If you are going to store your MacBook in this location, it is highly recommended that you place it in a sleeve of its own so that nothing else may harm the surface of the computer.

Brooks is a well-known English brand that was established in the year 1866. They are most well-known for their "last-forever" bicycle saddles, but in addition to that, they produce backpacks and other accessories. Since Saddleback was established in this century yet offers a guarantee on its bags that is valid for a century, you will probably be in excellent hands with either firm.

Saddleback Thin Front Pocket Backpack review: The best rugged leather  backpack for your MacBook


Laptop Bag for Travel, School, or Business

Not only does it look excellent in the courtroom or boardroom, but it also looks amazing out on the mountain path. This attache case, which can easily accommodate a 15-inch laptop, is a favorite among business leaders, lawyers, attorneys, members of the military and police, college students, and both men and women. "Apple's portable Macbook computer.

Converts to A Backpack

The bag may be carried in various ways, including over the shoulder, by the central top handle, across the body, or as a backpack. The detachable shoulder strap through the O-ring in the middle of the back and fastens each of the two clasps to the appropriate D-rings on the four corners of the back.

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Warranty Good for 100 Years

Because we have faith in the durability of the leather designs we provide, we are willing to stand behind all of our products with a warranty good for 100 years. The phrase "They'll Fight Over It When You're Dead" serves as the slogan for our organization. We will be available to assist whoever of your grandchildren is fortunate enough to receive your briefcase.

One Hundred Percent Full-Grain Leather

The Thin Front Pocket Briefcase is fashioned from durable leather that is 100 percent full-grain, which can withstand blows well and improves appearance with age. The uppermost layer of the cow's skin, known as full-grain, is the hide's most costly and long-lasting component. The quality of our leather is far greater than that of real leather, and as it matures, it gets more pliable and flexible.


Briefcase Made of Saddleback Leather with A Slim Front Pocket

The Thin Front Pocket Briefcase has two front pockets that are both roomy and safe, with room behind each pocket to tuck in tiny notebooks or maps. Additionally, a concealed pocket is located below the main strap of the briefcase that can contain cigars, pencils, or even small flashlights. A large pocket on the back of the bag may be used to store newspapers, magazines, or thin books.

Quality from Beginning to End

The Finest People

Saddleback exclusively seeks for and employs the most qualified seamstresses, leather craftsmen, and quality control personnel.

The Finest Leather

Saddleback employs the finest, most costly, robust, premium, chrome-tanned, full grain cow leather available, obtained from respectable tanneries in Old Mexico that are mindful of their impact on the local ecosystem. The patina that forms on our leather as it ages and becomes more worn-in is quite stunning. The color could be different due to the natural oils.

The Finest Thread

The quality of polyester continuous filament thread. The same thread resistant to UV rays and seawater may also be found in parachutes and sails on boats.

The Best Components

The fasteners on our products are made of surgical-grade stainless steel 316, which does not rust. On our leather designs, you won't find any snaps, magnets, zippers, Velcro, or wheels since these things are all prone to breaking over time.

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100 Year Warranty

We intended for this suitcase to serve its owner for AT LEAST one hundred years. Every one of our designs has been put through rigorous testing to ensure that it can withstand the likes of stampeding elephants, your typical morning commute, and young children.

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