How to use Control Center on Mac?


Bethany Walsh

May 26, 2022

Just like your iPhone and iPad, the Control center on Mac offers quick access to actions you perform, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Volume, Brightness, Do Not Disturb, Airdrop, and more. The Control center brings all these menu bar items in a single neat place. Plus, you get instant access to new features like Now Playing, Dark mode, and more. Therefore, it is beneficial to enable and disable certain features quickly. Unfamiliar with Where to find the Control Center and How to use it? No worries. Read the article to learn how to use the Control Center on your Mac. No doubt, you'll learn this handy feature in no time.

Where is the Control Center on the Mac?

Before learning how to use Control Centre on Mac, you must know where to find it or where it resides. So, the control center is located in your menu bar. A Control Center icon appears on the right side of the menu bar that looks like a double toggle. Click the icon to open Control Centre, and you will get access to controls such as display, sound, network, and more.

How to Use Control Center on Mac?

You have found the Control Centre. Now you need to click its icon to open it. When you open it, you will see all the sections. All the following controls are present in Control Center by default, and they can not be removed from it.

Wi-Fi: Click on its icon to turn Wi-Fi on/off. Hit on the name label to select a network or open network preferences.

Bluetooth: Click its icon to turn Bluetooth on or off. Click on the name to open Bluetooth preferences or to view connected devices.

AirDrop: Click on its icon to turn AirDrop on or off and get a menu where you can select Contact only or Everyone.

Do Not Disturb: Hit its icon to turn it on or off. Moreover, click on the name to get a menu where you can select whether you want it for a specific period of time, for sleeping, or for driving. And you can open notification preferences.

Keyboard Brightness: Click on its icon to adjust keyboard brightness and open Keyboard preferences.

Screen Mirroring: Click on the icon to get the menu where you can select a device for Screen Mirroring and open Display preferences.

Display: It gives access to the brightness slider where you can adjust display brightness. You can turn dark mode, True Tone, night shift on or off, and open display preferences.

Sound: You get access to a sound slider to adjust the volume and pick the audio source Music (Now Playing): You get access to media controls to play, pause or move the song in the Apple Music app.

How to Customize Control center on Mac?

As you know, you can not remove any actions from the above mentions, but you can add three more actions to the Control Centre. They're the following:

1. Accessibility Shortcuts: This module allows you to activate accessibility shortcuts such as VoiceOver, Head Pointer, Invert Color, and more.

2. Battery: Display a battery level and percentage. Open battery system preferences. Also, click the icon to see the power source, and which app is using significant energy.

3. Fast User Switching: Provides the ability to switch the user or open the login window.

Here is how to add these controls to the Control center.

Step 1: Open System Preferences. Then, open the Dock &'' Menu bar.

Step 2: In the Dock &'' Menu bar, scroll down to other modules on the left.

Step 3: You'll see Accessibility Shortcuts, battery, and Fast User Switching. Click the module you want to add and mark the Show in the Control Center checkbox.

In addition, you can remove any of these three modules from the same steps by unchecking the option.


In a nutshell, Control Center on mac is an easy-to-use and convenient feature that allows you to take care of your actions or open any control quickly with a single click. Want to ask or share something related to this amazing feature? Feel free to share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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