Secrets for Mac and Secrets Touch review


Bethany Walsh

Aug 02, 2022

Secrets let users securely save passwords, credit card numbers, bank details, and other personal information utilizing OpenPGP and AES encryption. Its benefits include a Free password manager (up to 10 items only) (up to 10 items only), Safari add-ons for automatic login to websites and Imports data from rival password managers.

The Drawbacks include: A small number of product types are provided, less full-featured than comparable password managers and Importing data from Password might be a pain because of bugs.

Password (for Mac and iOS) is by far the most acceptable Option, in my opinion, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it to others. However, not everyone will profit from the more complex capabilities of such a program, while others are just unwilling to spend their hard-earned money for comfort when writing passwords down on a piece of paper does the job. (Sadly, my mom is guilty of this.

Keeping Secrets

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Most of 1Password's advanced capabilities are removed in favour of a more straightforward user experience in Secrets. The fundamentals haven't changed: You can establish unique safe passwords, autocomplete website logins in Safari (as well as Chrome on the desktop), and effortlessly sync between Mac and iOS devices via iCloud. For optimal security, all data is encrypted using AES, RSA, and SHA utilizing the OpenPGP protocol.

In many aspects, Secrets for Mac is like the spectre of 1Password past—a simple, no-frills password manager comparable to the one Agile Bits debuted over a decade ago. Four different item kinds may be used to order the items in the dual-pane UI.

A search area at the top makes it simple to discover what you're searching for in the list on the left. Unless you use the Option key or click the Reveal button when your mouse hovers over the password field while you choose an item, a collapsible detail pane appears to your right and shows information for that record.

Most features, including the convenient one-click Copy option, are lifted directly from 1Password. If all you need to keep are internet logins, line of credit or bank account credentials, secure notes, and software licenses, Secrets will be a suitable match.

You're out of luck if you want to include other items. There's no ability to build unique classes for identities, incentive programs, memberships, or any of the 18 categories available in Password.

Passwords to Go

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The secret for Mac is only half of the story, as is the case with most password managers. Secrets Touch, a free iOS app developed by Outer Corner, flawlessly replicates nearly all of the desktop site's functionality, including a sharing plugin that allows Safari and other mobile browsers to autofill logins.

Unfortunately, this plugin is less valuable than 1Password's own, which includes an option to populate pages on websites with identical names. For example, the Disney Movie Club and Disney Movies Anywhere websites accept either type of login.

I experienced difficulty utilizing iCloud to sync between Mac and iOS with older versions. However, the newest 2.2.2 update was more dependable on my iPhone 7 Plus; I could never adequately sync to my iPad Pro.

If you're not a fan of the current tendency toward subscription-based software, look at Secrets. This is currently the business model used by both 1Password and LastPass, but the former offers a perpetual license for the time being.)

By comparison, Secrets has abandoned the premium approach of the first release and is now accessible on both devices, with one caveat: You can only save up to 10 things. Even for occasional users, that's not a lot of time, but it should be enough for you to get a good idea of how well the programs will serve your needs.

In contrast to the $36 yearly membership fee for 1Password, a one-time in-app payment of $20 for Macs and $10 for iOS allows storing an infinite number of objects. By comparison, Secrets can be utilized forever—or at least until the inevitable 3.0 version.

It's also easy to move from rival password managers since Secrets for Mac enables importing from 1Password, LastPass, Rapido Serial, or Password Wallet, which can then be synchronized to Secrets Touch.

Data from such applications must be exported first; I successfully transferred over 1,200 1Password entries, but a rogue login from streaming service VUDU.com caused Secrets to crash on many occasions.

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