Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ cases


Bethany Walsh

Aug 01, 2022

With a big, bezel-free display, the Galaxy Note 10 is a beautiful sight to behold and is easier to carry than previous Notes. In spite of its eye-catching design, the device's glass back and thin metal frame mean that it is unlikely to withstand a fall. The Galaxy Note 10's appearance will last for years if you take care of it now. We've put together a list of some of our favourite Galaxy Note 10 cases. We can also help you locate a screen protector for the Galaxy Note 10.

For fans of the S Pen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was a standout Android flagship in 2019. Because it was so costly, you've undoubtedly been doing everything you can to preserve it. We've compiled a list of some of the best cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 so you don't have to. Find more ways to protect your phone and maximise its potential here

ESR Metal Kickstand

Clear and black are the only colours available.

You'll want to watch movies on it because it has such a large screen. You'll need something to support it when you do. So it's no surprise that the ESR case's kickstand is one of our favourite features. The transparent housing allows your phone to shine brightly, while the flexible design makes it simple to remove from the case. Nonetheless, the kickstand is a game-changer. ESR's kickstand is made of metal, which is robust enough to hold the phone in either direction without risk of it tipping over, unlike other cases with pop-out kickstands. Although the case is thin, you'll have to get used to a little bump caused by the kickstand before usin

Otterbox Symmetry Clear

Clear is the colour of choice. Despite its minimalist appearance, the Otterbox Symmetry Series clear case does not skimp on protection. In addition to allowing you to show off your Note 10's dazzling new colours, the case's clear design also allows you to hear each button press clearly. On the right-hand side, there's a soft spot where the power button used to be, but it's no longer there! We're crossing our fingers that Otterbox will update the case to match perimeter in texture and feel as a precaution against the inclusion of a power button. It's still an excellent case, despite the oddity.

ESR Mimic

Clear is the colour of choice. One thing we've found to be true of all the cases we've tested is that once we put one on, the back of our Galaxy Note looks and feels cheap. This is not an issue in the ESR Mimic situation. Tempered glass covers the back of the case, giving it a similar appearance to the Note 10's. It has a lovely ridge around the back that should help keep it from getting scratched when it's placed on a table, but the Note 10 still has a premium feel to it despite the lack of ridge.

UAG Plyo

Clear is the colour of choice.

Urban Armor Gear's Plyo case is no exception to the company's reputation for high-quality, low-cost luggage. Mostly white, with a smattering of grey. Your phone's colour is enhanced by a grid of lines on the back that also provides a gripping texture when you look just right. To be honest, the Plyo case's sole drawback is that the buttons are quite flimsy, but by then you'll be ready to upgrade to a new Note.

UAG Plasma

Colors: ice, ash

We like it because it's a bit thicker than the Plyo cases, which means your Note 10 will be better protected. UAG's distinctive tough appearance is evident in the corners and the back design. Grip is improved, and your phone is more protected, thanks to the combination of the stylish pattern and the strong bumpers. The power and volume buttons are especially easy to discover and push thanks to the Note's large buttons, and just enough of the Note's true colour shines through to make it appealing.

ESR Essential Zero

Clear is the colour of choice.

Why we love it: The ERS Essential Sleek is a great option if you're searching for a clear case that's both slim and clean. The entire case is soft and flexible, but it nevertheless provides a layer of protection against accidental knocks and falls.... The material is a little slick to the touch, but it's not as bad as a Note 10 without a case.

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