Elgato Facecam Review: Best for Streamers


Martin Wilson

Jul 28, 2022

Elgato's FaceCam, a $200 web camera for gamers and streamers, is a first-of-its-kind entry into the congested camera market. A camera costs a lot, so why would someone spend so much time and money on it? A lot of money is being made in streaming. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a mirror less camera system to produce a professional-looking feed, this webcam is designed to be an accessible option. With the FaceCam, even a Skype call might benefit. Since its inception, Elgato has continuously expanded its product line beyond its original focus on recording devices, including microphones, green screens, and even professional-grade streaming devices. The FaceCam is the company's first-ever standalone camera, and on paper, it boasts impressive hardware &'' software capabilities. A few issues came up during our testing, and the absence of HDR may be a deal breaker for some, but this is a solid entry into the moderate webcam sector overall.

Key characteristics

Your lighting &'' sound quality are among the most crucial factors for online broadcasting; thus, most people are willing to invest in separate recording equipment, whether it's a stick-style microphone on a gaming gear or a specialized USB mic (opens in new tab). If you like, you may also buy Elgato's own mic, the Wave 3 USB. Many content producers have experienced the frustration of filming an interview or video only to discover that their voice was picked up by their webcam mic instead of the nice XLR you'd put up when they don't include a microphone in their setup.

Additionally, Facecam's fixed-focus function will appeal to those who often broadcast. This may make any video footage you record appear sloppy since certain webcams, such as the Razer Kiyo Professional and also the Logitech Brio, provide unusually sensitive autofocus. Even though the Elgato Facecam is so pricey, we don't think most people will be bothered by the lack of an onboard mic or focusing. Likely, you don't need a streaming solution to get these capabilities, in which event there are lots of less expensive options available. Eight built-in functions, each with a particular purpose and mentioned below, are another special feature of the Facecam:

Aspherical Surface:

Significantly increases the sharpness of the image's perimeter.

The IR Cut Filter:

Prevents the sensor from being disrupted by infrared light.

Low Dispersion Glass:

Color chromatic aberration is reduced, and contrast, tonality, and sharpness are improved using this filter. The ability to broadcast all colors of the rainbow at the same time. Non-distorting hues, no tint, and no color shifts are what you'll find.

Anti-Reflective Coatings: Eighteen

Transmittance is improved, and lens flare is prevented while maintaining picture detail.

Design and Usability

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The device has an odd form, with a cube-shaped "head" replicating an action camera more than a standard webcam. Even yet, the 3 x 1.3 x 2-inch shape is unobtrusive and doesn't take up much area on top of a notebook or monitor. Allows you to position Facecam on a desk if you don't like keeping it at eye height and completely detaches to show a normal tripod thread, providing you with many placement choices for your broadcast.

The Facecam is largely black plastic, making it seem a bit shoddy for the asking price. If you're concerned about security, a lens cap protector is included. The accompanying USB-C to USB-A connection is around 80 inches long and comes with some potential concerns to be mindful of - the Elgato Face camera may be quite picky about what ports you put it into. Check to see whether you possess a USB 3.0 port accessible, since the camera won't operate on older computers or small laptops that don't have enough ports.


For Twitch &'' Yt gameplay, the Elgato Facecam has a 1080p quality &'' 60fps frame rate, which is better than plenty for filming on smaller windows. Even while the Facecam's resolution is substantially worse than a DSLR camera's, you may still use it to capture complete YouTube videos. We have conflicting opinions regarding the oversaturation of the material. While this might be useful in low-light situations (think of a normal streamer setting with RGB lights and no primary light source), it can be overpowering and unrealistic in well-lit ones.

Elgato Camera Hub is a delight to use in comparison with Logitech or AVerMedia's camera programs. Fortunately, you can adjust this. Convenient sliders, instead of set controls, let you adjust everything from saturation to shutter rate and field of view, all with a single button press. With Elgato's new Iso Reader, you may make even more precise adjustments, especially if you utilize studio lighting (or even Elgato's own Key or Circle lights). The webcam's built-in flash memory may be used to store your settings as a default option so that you don't have to bother with them the next time you begin broadcasting.


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The Elgato Face camera is an excellent option for streamers who want to move up from a less-powered webcam but don't want to invest in a complete professional camera system just yet. It's a good place to begin.

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