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Martin Wilson

Jul 09, 2022

It is totally up to you to decide whether or not to strike up a conversation, and if you do, what you will say when you do. We are merely here to assist you in locating the arbitrary piece of evidence that will move the plot forward and let you decide for yourself what will occur with Henry and Delilah. Before you begin, I'll provide you with some pointers that will assist you in completing Firewatch with the least amount of outside assistance. You will have a better chance of enjoying your time spent with Firewatch if you spend as little time as possible reading guides.

Firewatch Tips

Bring up the map and look at it rather than hazarding a guess as to where you need to go. If you take a few moments to check that you're heading the proper way, you'll save a significant amount of time when you bring up your map. Henry can figure out the situation and proceed with the slightest difficulty if you choose to proceed in this manner. Although the decision is entirely up to you, we propose that Henry have Delilah question him about everything and everything he knows about the radio.

When you are replying to Delilah, make sure you keep an eye on the timer to make sure it doesn't run out; if it does, you will have lost the opportunity to have that specific chat with her. What you say to Delilah will affect how the two of you interact. You are free to steer this discussion in whatever manner you see fit, but be aware that your decisions will affect how she responds.

Firewatch: The Beginning (Prologue)

Within the first few minutes of Firewatch game, the focus is entirely on deciding how you would behave in a sticky situation involving a romantic connection. You, as Henry, are responsible for deciding how Henry will engage with Julia. You will need to practise moving about while you are making these judgments so that you can get the feel of it. The journey to your tower will begin with a ride in an elevator to your vehicle, and then it will continue with a trek. Since it's essential information you can't screw up, we'll see you on Day 1 of the challenge.

Firewatch: The First Day

Once you've settled down, your first primary mission will be to locate the rope hidden in Cache Box 306 in the next room. You should exit the entrance of your Two Forks Lookout and go down the steps until you reach the bottom. After consulting your map and compass to determine the precise location of the cache box, go down the route in a northwesterly direction. On the route, there will be a sign letting you know that you are around 0.7 miles away from Jonesy Lake.

Day 2 Of The Firewatch

The first thing you'll have to do today surveys the communication wires north of Thunder Canyon. You will travel back along the route you took on Day 1 to get back to your house. After checking your location using a map and compass to confirm that you are heading north, continue to follow the path until you reach Cave 452.

Day 3 Of The Firewatch

When you go to the bottom of your Two Forks Lookout and look at the base, you will discover the boards you need to mend the downstairs window. You are free to go around, and you ought to locate more boards than you need while you do so. Get all you can out of the room, and then walk back up to the second floor to board the shattered window.

Day 9 Of The Firewatch

You probably won't need our assistance on Day 9, but we like to provide our guides with a lot of information. Have fun with your conversation with Delilah and reply to her in any manner that pleases you. You have total control over this matter.

Day 15 Of The Firewatch

As was the case the day before, you do not need our assistance with this matter. There will be no action taken on your part, and you should not expect any assistance from us in this regard. We are just here to assist you in locating the goods and the material you want.

Day 33 Of The Firewatch

Day 33 will have you doing some hiking in your pc. You will go to the north to acquire the supplies. Bring up the map on your device to see exactly where you are, and then continue to go in a northerly direction along the trail until you reach Cache Box 241.

Day 64 Of The Firewatch

To reiterate, the whole of this day is dedicated to conversing with Delilah; as such, you are at liberty to say whatever you choose to her. We gave the blaze the name Flapjack Fire. However, the name is ultimately up to you. You may refer to the blaze by whatever name you please.

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