A Complete Logitech G533 Review (2022)


Bethany Walsh

Jun 09, 2022

Because of its superior audio performance and versatile connection choices, the Logitech G933 Artemis, which retails for $200, has been one of our go-to recommendations for wireless gaming headsets for the last twelve months. Compared to the G533, the G533 is a more economical option. It cannot connect to wired sources, limiting its compatibility with devices other than a computer. Bass-heavy sound signatures also tend to drown out higher frequencies. This guide has a complete Logitech G533 review for you to read.


Despite its size and weight (12.5 ounces), the G533 doesn't take up much room. This sleek, all-black accessory is a minimal, high-quality add-on with no unnecessary flare or frills. A Logitech G symbol adorns each ear cup, which is matte black and gleaming. Except for that, there's no actual decorating in this room. Even if it's cumbersome to lug about on the subway, this sleek gaming accessory avoids the "overdesigned gaming peripheral" pitfalls of its predecessors.


The fit of these headphones is good, although they are a little uncomfortable on the head. They feature big, well-padded ear cups that don't put too much strain on your head despite being a little snug. They're hefty, and the ear cups are shallow, so they're not ideal. Long gaming sessions may be made more uncomfortable because the cloth cushioning isn't the softest on the skin.


The controls on these devices are mediocre at best. They merely feature volume control and a clicky and quick mute-mic button. The Logitech G HUB software may be used to configure the mute-mic button into a multi-function button. You may still silence the microphone by flipping the microphone switch. These headphones don't support mobile devices or even allow you to change tunes when connected to the PC, which is disappointing.

Build Quality

There is an excellent build quality on the Logitech G533. For increased stability, the headband has a thin metal frame. The ear cups are also rather sturdy, so they won't shatter if you drop them a few times. As a result, I'm not entirely satisfied with the hinges that come with the product. However, the hinge is the most vulnerable part of the design because of the wide ear cups and small headband.

Sound Profile

An enthused V-shape sound characterizes the sound signature of these headphones. Sound effects in action-packed games are enhanced by their thumpy, boomy bass. Their mid-range is well-balanced for voices and lead instruments, despite being a tad muddy. Sibilants benefit from their vivid treble as well. There's a visual EQ in the accompanying program if you'd want to tweak the sound.

Bass Accuracy

Accuracy in the bass is excellent on the Logitech G533. The range's response is extremely flat, but the thud, the punch, and the boom are overemphasized. It may even sound murky to specific users. Their bass delivery is sensitive to fit, seal, spectacles, and thick hair. It has an average bass response, although your experience may be different.

Noise Isolation

The noise isolation on these headphones is mediocre at best. No active noise cancellation and no isolation of low-frequency noise like that of a bus or a jet engine are features of these headphones. Additionally, they do not do much to mute low-frequency noises like office talk. They're a little better when blocking out high-pitched noises like the hum of an air conditioning unit, but they aren't ideal for loud environments.

App Support

Having the Logitech G HUB as a buddy is a terrific idea. A visual equalizer, user-customizable surround sound effects, and the ability to directly control microphone and volume settings from the program are all included. In addition, you may store your unique preferences as profiles that can be swapped out, and you can assign custom actions to the multi-functional button. Logitech G Series headphones don't have an auto-off feature, which is a significant benefit for this set of headphones.

In Comparison to Other Headphones

The Logitech G533 is a decent pair of USB-transmitting wireless gaming headphones. Even though they only work with PC and PS4, they have a good mic performance overall and come with software that lets you change how they sound. It has a great battery life and DTS 7.1 virtual surround sound capabilities.


Wireless gaming is well-served by the Logitech G533. These comfy headphones offer minimal latency, making them ideal for gaming, and an intriguing sound profile that enhances sound effects without dominating voices. In addition, they come with software that lets you fine-tune their functionality. Their folding boom mic can separate your speech from the background noise of a moderate level, even though it has a thin and flat sound.

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