Best Free and Useful Mac Applications for 2022


Bethany Walsh

May 26, 2022

Macs are amazing machines with incredible performance &'' functions that include a massive collection of built-in apps. There are plenty of best apps available on Mac and most of the best apps are free. There is a misconception about the Mac that Mac apps cost more just like the laptop itself. While it can be true for some powerful frontrunners like Final Cut Pro or Photoshop. But, you can download great Mac apps that cost nothing except your time to download them.

In this article, we have compiled the amazing free Mac apps with incredible features that can make a huge difference in the usage of your computer. Let's take a look at these interesting apps for you!

1. Slack

Slack is the most useful app for anyone working remotely to keep in touch with their team. Beyond just a business messaging platform, Slack allows you to integrate and streamline communication with external services such as IFTTT and GitHub. There are hundreds of bots in this app that you can add to the chat room.

Moreover, this business communication app offers better control over notifications and you can communicate with your team members on the chat window anytime without having to log into the web browser. So, this mac app can take your work productivity and discussion to a whole new level.

2. Pocket

Pocket's Mac app is a versatile app where you can save videos, articles, and recipes to read later offline. In simple terms, it is your personal DVR for the web. Some people browse the internet but don't find enough time to read online and when they get free, they're looking for that content.

This is a perfect app for them to read the latest content offline when you're traveling or in your free time. The big perk of this mac app is that it highlights the important and relevant articles in your list so that you can read them by priority. Moreover, Pocket offers web browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

3. HandBrake

When it comes to mac apps related to entertainment, HandBrake is an open-source app that allows you to convert any kind of media files or entire DVDs into digital form to watch on Mac. You can make videos, edit videos (crop or resize), and adjust the audio level in videos with this free advanced tool. Besides, this quick and effortless app offers a number of incredible features like supporting VFR, helping out with a perfect digital movie catalog, and great video-editing tools.

4. Spark

One of the best free Mac apps, Spark, is a refreshing and speedy app that allows you to manage your emails easily. It helps you get control over your email inbox and lightens the load. This smart and thoughtful app helps you to focus only on those messages that are important to you.

With the Spark mac app, you can schedule emails, reply quickly to emails, set reminders, and can pre-write emails. Spark is an innovative email app that notifies you about mails only from your contacts and it works with Gmail, Dropbox, and iCloud Drive.

5. DaisyDisk

After a few years or even months of accumulating photos, videos, and files, everyone starts getting notifications of running out of storage. DaisyDisk is a great mac app that can solve this issue. The tool scans your Mac and tells that which file is taking more storage then you can easily preview &'' delete those files. The app is easy to use and has a cool disk visualization tool, you just drag the file and delete it.

6. The Unarchiver

If you get large files (compressed and archived) sent to you including RAR, Tar, 7z, etc., this lightweight mac app can open all these types of files and unzip large files in no time. The Unarchiver can expand and extra all kinds of extensions and you'll get any hidden files quickly. This free mac app is a pretty powerful and fantastic secondary utility than the macOS utility.

The Bottom Line

So, that's our list of the best free mac apps needed for your system. All of the above-mentioned mac apps are free and useful for mac users. These amazing yet powerful apps can boost your productivity &'' creativity and you can download these apps in no time. If you don't see your favorite mac app or have any name in your mind, feel free to share via the comments section below. We'd love to know about your favorite mac apps.

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