A Complete Guide to Logitech G502 Hero Review


Bethany Walsh

Jun 20, 2022


It is the case with the G502 mouse from Logitech. Since it came out in 2013, the mouse hasn't changed much, except that somewhere along the way, RGB lights work. Hero stands for High Effectiveness Rated Optical, so when this specific Hero comes along, it will have a fancy new detector with 16k DPI.

There have also been some changes to the outside of the design, such as adding two new buttons on the side of the left click button, a better-feeling scroll wheel, and a few cosmetic changes that make it look more like modern gaming peripheral in 2018.

I wouldn't recommend the Logitech G502 Hero Review to most gamers because it's too big and heavy, and I think Logitech and other mouse businesses have made better designs since it came out. But the G502 is still a great gaming mouse. It has features that few other mice have, and its new sensor will keep it competitive with anything that comes out in the next five years. It's still your best option if you want a big, heavy gaming mouse.


The Logitech G502 Guy comes in a box that is simple and small. There are manuals, a warranty card, and a sticker. Along with the mouse, there is also a set of weights. There are four of them in the set. Each one weighs 3.6 grams and comes in a handy case. If you place everything on the 121-gram mouse, it will weigh 18 grams more. Even a name like "Hero" doesn't mean much if it doesn't is one of its class's great attributes. The Logitech Ensures that relevant Hero is a smart buy for gamers because it has many buttons, onboard memory, a big range DPI transmitter, unmatched accuracy, and fast-tracking.

This case is put in at the bottom, under the cover. Logitech G502 Hero looks like it's about to turn back into such an alien robot after being a transformer. It has a futuristic look with many sharp corners and odd shapes. At first, it looks like a mess, but afterward, you can see the beauty and a cool design idea.


The Logitech G502 Hero's wheel is made from steel and has big, deep cuts. At first, that seems heavy, but as soon as you get used to it, you realize that it's even better because the weight makes the wheel movements more precise.

The wheel can work in two ways: normally and when moving. The first button near the wheel changes them. In the second instance, the wheel is easy and fast to turn. It makes it easy to scroll through a huge amount of information, electronic books, files, and any other kind of Internet page.

Another button on the top changes modes, but like the others, it can use to do anything. The Omron G502 Hero has switches that make 50 million times. The sound is average, and the button is soft and quick.

There is Chroma backlighting, but it's not very bright, so only the letter G and the three strips with the mode display light up. The Logitech G Hub lets you change how the backlight looks. It can be slowed or sped up, and it can even be timed with other company devices.

Software and Lighting

The Logitech software is useful for reprogramming the mouse's buttons and changing the RGB lighting. There are a lot of ways to change the lighting here. You can change the brightness, colors, and even how almost always the lights pulse. If you're tired of your whole desk blinking at you from across the room, you can turn the lights down low.

Without customization, the G on top of the mouse, which is hidden by your palm, is lit with a soft white light that sometimes changes thru a soft spectrum of colors that isn't too annoying. But if you have full RGB lighting, you can make a trashy lamp show if you want.


Logitech G502 HERO is a great mouse for first-person shooter games (FPS). Grippable body and correct shape with such a thumb rest and sniper. Its button makes it feel very well-made and comfy to use. It has a very low click latency and a wide CPI range. It might not be the best choice for people with small hands, though.

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