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Bethany Walsh

Aug 02, 2022

Miss 12 declared her desire to become a video game developer many moons ago. If you're looking for a location to start with your child's ambitions, the Kano could be the spot for you! Using the Kano Computer Kit Complete, not only will you learn the fundamentals of coding, but you'll also be able to create functioning games that you can play.

What's the Kano Computer Kit?

With the Kano Computer Kit Complete, you get everything you need to build a fully-functional Linux computer right out of the box. You can execute applications and even write your code using Linux because it is an operating system similar to WindowsTM. The Kano kit uses a customized version of Raspbian, dubbed Kano OS, designed specifically for the Kano hardware included in the package.

For those of you who have built or updated a PC in the past, you already know what to expect. It's possible to buy a Kano kit that includes the "Sound Sensor," and "Battery," as well as the rest of the hardware needed to put together a complete system. The unique keyboard with a built-in trackpad feels good to type on, the transparent chassis is wonderfully designed with no rough edges, and the 10" screen is eye-catching.

How Does Kano Teach Kids?

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As a seasoned PC builder, I found it impressive that Kano didn't dumb down all the jargon. Your kids will be able to use phrases like HDMI and USB in any industry that uses technology in the future because they have retained enough real-world terminology. I was pleasantly surprised by Kano's emphasis on teaching children the necessity of cable management, and I feel compelled to note it here.

While putting together the various components, you may notice that some wires are connected. An important skill for Miss 12 was learning to disconnect and reposition wires to prevent them from placing too much strain on one another. We had the misfortune of receiving a kit that had a defective power board, which turned out to be a fortunate accident.

How Does A Kano Kit Work?

To begin using the Kano computer, you must first power it on and enter some "old-school" computer language that will guide you through the rest of the process. I don't want to ruin the surprise, but this section is for adults watching over their children's backs.

This is a lovely touch as Kano takes your kids on a trip down memory lane of the progression of computers, from the monochrome displays of the past to the ultra-sharp colorful visuals of the present and the future. Known as "Story Mode," Kano is a novel approach to introducing your children to computers.

As an alternative to the Story Mode, your children may go on their educational journey, and the home screen features applications that teach you how to play classic games like Pong and Snake.

Updating And Studying With Kano Computer Kit

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Kano is constantly updating its software with new features and challenges for your children to check out. It's not only the software that's enjoyable, but That's a far cry from the truth! In the Kano Computer Kit, the Raspberry Pi, arguably the most community-focused computer ever created, is the brains behind its high level of hackability. With this gear, your kids can create various funny inventions. To locate a nearly infinite supply of software for your new favorite kit computer, type "Raspberry Pi software" into your preferred search engine and see what comes up.

Options And Pricing

Kano offers a wide range of starter kits and add-ons for current starter kits and even plain old PCs and Macs, so there's something for everyone. One of the most popular add-ons is the Harry Potter Atom Coding Kit, which allows you to build a magical wand and communicate with your computer using code. No matter your children's hobbies or interests, there's a Kano kit for them.

I had a great time working on this project with Miss 12 and helping her learn about computers as Kano walked her through the process. To begin, you don't need to know anything about computers; Kano's purpose is to provide the lowest possible barrier to entry for anybody interested in computers and programming.


There is no need to break the bank for the Kano Laptop Kit Complete ($250 from Target and on the Kano website), but it is also not a bargain. The $250 price tag is hefty if you don't know if your kids are interested in learning more about computers. While Kano's Computer Kit Complete's software is free to download and use, if you merely want to install it onto your Raspberry Pi, you'll have to pay for Kano OS. This is another great example of what the Raspberry Pi can do in the real world.

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