Countries with Lower GDP than the Market Value of Tech Giants


Aynsley Moore

Sep 09, 2021

The GDP of a country is lower than the market value of a company, which sounds a bit astonishing but not shameful.

The condition is true especially when the company is Apple, Microsoft or Amazon. After all, any one of them has been completely wealthier than 90% of the countries in the world.

Apple, with a market value of US$2.1 trillion, takes the lead.

The countries with annual GDP ranking behind Apple are Italy (2 trillion), Brazil (1.8 trillion), Canada (1.7 trillion), Russia (1.7 trillion), South Korea (1.6 trillion) and so on.

To be precise, the market value of Apple is higher than the GDP of 96% of the countries in the world, and only 7 countries in the world can beat Apple.

Similarly, Microsoft has a market value of $1.9 trillion.

On par with Italy, Microsoft can beat other countries on the above list.

Amazon’s market value has soared after the epidemic.

Ranked ahead of South Korea with 1.7 trillion US dollars, Amazon defeats 92% of the countries.

There is also a joking global ranking of company market value + national GDP:

It’s noted that Saudi Arabia’s Aramco follows Microsoft with a market value of 1.88 trillion, which is more than twice the GDP of Saudi Arabia. Following Saudi Arabia is Tencent, a little bit higher than Swiss.

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