A Comprehensive and Complete Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers Review


Bethany Walsh

Jun 14, 2022

Introduction to The G560 Gaming Speakers

Gaming headphones have their uses, especially if you're into multiplayer games and need a mic next to your mouth. Or else, a decent set of speaker systems is frequently the best option. These allow you to enjoy the profound, rich sound without stringent headgear, and you can start sharing your video game triumphs with friends and family.

The G560 offers two benefits. First and foremost, it aspires to become an excellent speaker, including games and music. It succeeded without credentials here, which should surprise anyone acquainted with current Logitech speakers. Second, Logitech has equipped the G560 with advanced led lighting that consists of four distinct zones illuminated by bright, colorful LEDs. The LED lights are beautiful and harmless, but they're also jarring due to software problems and assertive illumination defaults. Still, if you're looking for a few of the best pc speaker systems for PC gaming, this Logitech G560 gaming speakers review would then show you why it's a practical choice at a decent cost.

Detailed Review On G560 Gaming Speakers

Logitech's G560 characteristic is far from gimmicky. If there's yet another RGB result, we'd suggest enhancing your PC gameplay experience; this is it. With over two decades of expertise producing speakers, we used to have high hopes for Logitech's G560. They might not have been the finest for the advanced audiophile, and they're the most interactive speakers we have trialed for playing games.

The program allows you to choose among two loudspeaker control systems. For lighting, device control replaces software with Bluetooth and perhaps AUX analog inputs. You have the same colorful loop, which also serves as an audio visualizer, flashing and brightening the song's beat. When you swap to program control, you can select among fixed hue, chroma cycle, breathing, stereo sound visualizer, and display sampler.

The G560 truly glows in the display sampler. Similar to ambient backlit display products, the software takes user-desired regions of the display and stretches the color schemes outward from the center to generate interactive lighting expertise. These speakers do not provide relatively similar expertise as the HUE 2 Ambient, but they are a good starting point. However, because a substantial chunk of this impact is dependent on the back side Led bulbs, the speakers must be placed directly next to your screen with their backs to a wall to achieve the best effect.

Like most manufacturers of RGB lightning, Logitech has an SDK that lets programmers fully utilize the G560 lighting. These are examples of built-in display tasting, lighting up while being fired, siren illumination while trying to enter endeavor mode, low ammo markers, and much more. Discord incorporation even flickers when new messages arrive, or the mic is activated.

The G560 includes a strong down-firing sound system, which was fantastic for items like blasts and then became very overwhelming at small levels while playing music. Modifications to the software help a little, but unless you've linked to Bluetooth, you're on your own.

It was disheartening to see that these speakers did not have impartial bass or loudness control systems, despite that Logitech's much lower-priced sets. The volume keys at the upper right speaker only adjust the volume outcome from Windows or the Device connected. Nevertheless, if you don't even have any basement neighborhood and prefer your music loud, the G560 could be ideal. In any particular instance, we believe they're a good price at $200 and suggest them to any game player looking for a great loudspeaker.

Pros &'' Cons


  • Loud.
  • Lighting effects that are interactive and platform agnostic.
  • The subwoofer also serves as an excellent footrest.


  • Immensely loud.
  • The audio quality would only be adequate for the price.
  • The volume limits are erratic.

Final Verdict

The lighting ambitions of the Logitech G560 occasionally outstrip its performance. I wish you could turn off the subwoofer and fine-tune the sound level at low levels. Apart from that, the G560 is a great first attempt at a powerful gaming audio system. Provided Logitech's record includes speaker systems and gaming dongles, this isn't surprising, but it's still good news.

The G560 is a great investment for video game players who prefer wide-open audio to the bounds of a headset, thanks to its rich audio for music and games, new and more effective design, and numerous ways to customize your experience. Just remember to use the headphone socket if you start a game late at night — and also to dim the lights.

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